It’s a good thing that there are some available offline and online maps. They help in finding the best directions for the places that we want to go to. Lots of people use OSM data for many different purposes. some folks use OSM as a basemap or a background on which to display other information. Some people do data analysis with information that is in the OSM database, like parking space density or network analysis for biking safety.

Apple cross checks its native apps to be as helpful as possible. This means that any events you have saved in your calendar will trigger a traffic notification via Apple Maps. It’ll give you the event time and location while telling you when to leave based on current traffic patterns. This feature could help you avoid showing up late for your next important event. For your convenience you used Siri on your iphone and for Google Assistant you used Google Home. Google Home is just a variant to use the Assistant and to get a complete experience you use all the devices on which Assistant is configured for a wholesome experience.

Use Android Without Any Google Apps Or Services

The rest of the apps are similar — bare-bones and Siri-driven. The Phone app, for example, doesn’t automatically bring up any sort of dial pad. Instead, you’re immediately prompted by voice to give the name of the person you want to call. You’ll need to tap on Show Contacts to view more options like Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keyboard and Voicemail. At this point, the CarPlay app will automatically launch, or you’ll select it from the infotainment system’s menu. The main screen is a grid of app icons that looks like an adapted version of your iPhone’s home screen.

If anyone in your family has an Apple device, consider configuring the Screen Time settings but understand that there are still ways for students to bypass those restrictions. The best way to ensure your family’s safety online, on devices, and on social media is having regular and open discussions MAPS.ME about digital safety. There is no substitute to being involved, using the same apps that your student uses, and creating a supportive environment for your student to learn positive screen time behaviors.

Apple Watch Tips And Tricks: Hidden Secrets Of Watchos Revealed

GuidingTechhas a good post showing how to view your Android notification logs. From now on, you should be able to see information about your next destination in the Today view. • View major cities around the world from the air with photo-realistic, interactive 3D views using Flyover. Explore selected cities with an interactive 3D experience that gives you a 360‑degree view of a place. Maybe you’d like a three-dimensional view of more places so you can know in advance if a walk is going to be especially strenuous. As if 3D view isn’t enough, Apple Maps also offers a flyover view.

  • Siri works well with Apple Music, but can be hit or miss with other music apps like Spotify and Pandora.
  • Once you are in satellite view, a “3D” button will appear if the area you are in has 3D-compatible geography.
  • Available controls vary by device, but in general, the change makes options you check or use frequently easier to access.
  • Want to send your friend your current location while you’re out and about?
  • I strongly suspect that both are subject to the issue of missing or bad data in OSM so both should improve over time.